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Kia Foreign Business Professionals Program Offers New Cars & New Opportunities

Getting around when you move to a new area can be challenging. It can be even more challenging moving to a whole new country. Kia understands the difficulties facing professionals who move to the U.S. for better opportunity or to pursue their dreams and goals. And we want to make it as easy as possible for foreign nationals to transition into their new life. The Kia Foreign Business Professionals program is designed to help get those people into a new or certified pre-owned Kia at a discounted rate. This special program provides competitive rates and incentives on Kia cars at authorized dealerships in New York and Texas for those who qualify.

Dorschel Kia is proud to be a part of this incredible program, and want to extend the opportunities it provides to all of the foreign professionals in our New York community. Curious how you can take advantage of all this program has to offer? Stop by Dorschel Kia at 3817 W. Henrietta Road in Rochester to learn more, or call us at 800-401-8629 to talk to a representative.

About the Program

Currently, U.S. government issues many visas to foreign professionals each year. For foreign workers who move to the country with no U.S. credit history, obtaining financing can be difficult. The Kia Foreign Business Professionals program was developed to help eligible customers qualify for auto financing at a competitive rate.

Applying to see if you're eligible for this program is easy. Along with documentation of legal standing such as visa or passport, the program requires letter of employment from your current employer, anticipated length of stay and employment, references currently in the United States, and the applicant's ability to pay for insurance, among others. 

It's a great solution to owning a high-quality car to help facilitate life in a new place, but also a way to begin to build U.S. credit.

For more information, please contact Dorschel Kia today and speak to a representative.