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Take Advantage of the Kia Rio First Time Buyers Program at Dorschel Kia

The first time you do something can be pretty exciting - especially if that 'first' is getting a new car. If you've been thinking about finally buying your first car, Kia Motors and the Dorschel Kia family in Rochester have the perfect program perfect for you.

The Kia Rio First Time Buyer Program is designed to help first time car buyers afford a Kia Rio by providing easier loan opportunities for those who qualify. And what's more, Kia is offering an additional $500 Kia Motors bonus cash for potential buyers to put towards getting into their new car.

About the Program
There are just a few requirements to be eligible for the First Time Buyer Program, and Dorschel wants to make sure you're able to take full advantage of this new incentive.
Applicants considering the Rio First Time Buyers program must have no history of prior auto loans or leases. A 2016 model year or newer must be chosen.

It's that easy. So what are you waiting for? Get $500 bonus cash for a brand new Kia Rio today with help from the Kia First Time Buyers event. Call Dorschel Kia at 800-401-8629 for more information or to schedule a test drive of a Rio today.